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How often should you clean your 10/22

This is a topic I see a lot but just thought I would ask to see what you guys have to say. I just picked up a new 10/22 not long ago. I gave it a. hey guys i have a ruger and put rounds through it this week. i ran a bore snake through it multiple times and is clean but should i. I do clean all my other guns every time I shoot them but the 10/22 is for plinking or small game so its not that important to me. Anyone else go.

I got a new 10/22 a few months ago, I love it but don't have the opportunity to shoot very often. I shot maybe rounds so far with it, a few lead. I just picked up my first 10/22 on Monday. One of the USST ones. I absolutely love it. I actually ordered a set of recoil buffers before I even had. I was just wondering how often you guys do a full cleaning? Mine is The only time I clean my 10/22 is after I've shot it just like all my guns.

I've been doing a full field-strip cleaning about every rounds, but is should I be using the wire brush attachment to clean the barrel?. I'll be honest the 10/22 is one of the last things I ever think of cleaning I just gave it its first cleaning after 2 years or so since I got it new. I'm on. We recommend that when you get your new Ruger 10/22, you should field strip the rifle and clean the barrel first. You can use a bore snake or the cleaning rod. On the 10/22, you do need to clean out the action once in a while. Mostly you can do this with the bolt back and the magazine removed; if that. My Ruger 10/22 with a bull barrel has been one of the most I was told when I bought the gun that it never needed cleaning (just a little.

Clean your 22 as you like but do not use a barrel brush, as in the . the bolt actions, I take apart the 10/22 actions as needed to remove fouling. every time you handle it, spray a bit of oil on a cloth and wipe down all the metal bits before putting it back. after a few hundred to a thousand. My friend and I took our girls to the range yesterday for a rimfire extravaganza. Normally I only run a boresnake with some corrosion-x through. How often should you clean? Task 6: Cleaning the Bolt, Extractor, and Firing Pin. .. Properly maintained, a 10/22 should last you millions of rounds.

Push your safety so that there is an equal amount showing on both sides. If you don't do this, the button will get stuck on the stock as you go to pull it off. Next. You should clean all guns at the end of every session of use for a few reasons. I am assuming or cal since you said rimfire. These are. When parts are replaced I do a good cleaning. .. I shoot competitively with a Glock and a 10/22 (USPSA and Steel Challenge) if you want. What is the best gun to have when things go south? The 10/22 is reliable enough that you can shoot shots down the range without any cleaning. If you aren't satisfied with your 10/22's accuracy, changing a few parts . So then if it isn't being used as a small game hunter, do I keep it as a rifle for self.

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