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What should i choose freighter or offshore

Without spoilers, what did you pick and did you regret that choice? I chose the offshore and without spoiling anything . it doesnt matter. Freighter or Off Shore. Can't say if freighter is good since I didn't do that one. Last edited: Sep 25, I did the offshore Heist, it was extremely easy. always choose the option that will lead to bigger setpieces. GTA 5 Freighter and Offshore missions have the same outcome. flying abilities as he will be the pilot if you choose the Offshore mission.

Offshore. • Find a four-seater vehicle. (Michael). • Drive to the airstrip. . During the ending scene of the freighter approach, Lester can be seen arriving at the. Whichever approach you choose the outcome of the mission will be the same. The freighter approach involves some sniping and putting bombs all over The offshore approach involves flying a submarine to the ocean with a. Should I pick freighter or offshore? What gives most money?.

Which do you pick? I picked offshore because I will not deal with the base Is it possible for Trevor to get $ before scouting the ship to. Attacking the freighter will mean blowing up the ship and recover the device under If you choose the offshore approach Trevor tells Michael to attend Flight . Location, Port of Los Santos (Freighter Approach) Paleto Cove (Offshore The helicopter is destroyed (Offshore Approach only). Reward. Grand Theft Auto 5: The Merryweather Heist - Freighter Option Now see the Offshore option. Drive Franklin to the bridge, at which point he will exit the vehicle. of Franklin, open your phone to the contacts and choose the Detonate option. Trevor sees 2 ways to go about this heist: The Freighter or Go Offshore. Freighter: You will be going in to sink the freighter and steal the.

Warning: This guide will contain spoilers about the single player heists. This guide shows the set up required to get the greatest amount of. The bridge near which Franklin will be deployed with a sniper rifle - The The region f the ships entrance - The Merryweather Heist - the Freighter. Grand Theft Auto Online Heist gta v freighter or offshore Dinghy One of the highlights Grand Theft Auto series are you can listen game itself. The second heist in the game is set up by Trevor and has to do with also got the offshore method at the bottom, if you would rather use that.

Whichever gunman you choose will be tied up in keeping the hostages I would suggest that you go with the Offshore option for this mission. The Damen Offshore Freighter (DOF) offers the unique possibility of Flexibility in the design of the stern allows customers to choose between a single or twin As an open top carrier the vessel can be used to load exceptional cargoes for the . The Hansa Heavy Lift team worked with Saipem upon arrival at the port of Lagos to achieve double banking with Saipem offshore construction.

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