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Potato cream cheese chowder

This is my favorite recipe for potato soup. Its a copycat of the one they use to serve at the St. Louis Bread Company (Panera). The recipe originally called for. This creamy potato soup has shredded potatoes giving it great texture! The cream cheese & sour cream gives it great flavor too! So creamy. CREAM CHEESE POTATO SOUP — Cream cheese is the secret ingredient in this simple yet flavorful potato soup recipe. I’ve tried so many potato soup recipes over the years, I’ve lost count! his Cream Cheese Potato Soup is truly the best potato soup I’ve ever made.

Cream Cheese Potato Soup. "I came up with this soup after I had tried something similar at a restaurant," explains Stacy Bockelman, California, Missouri. "Using. An easy and delicious creamy potato soup recipe that can be made in just Savory, creamy, and loaded with bacon, sour cream, and cheese. Slow cooker cream cheese and potato soup is hearty, creamy and perfect with bread. Slow cook your way to comfort food this winter.

This Easy Cheesy Corn Chowder is loaded with potatoes, sweet corn, creamed corn, bacon, and three kinds of cheese! 20 minute, 1 pot meal!. Recipe including course(s): Soup; and ingredients: chicken broth, cream cheese, onion, pepper, potato, seasoning salt, white pepper. This made from scratch Cheesy Ham and Potato Chowder is thick and creamy and the Well, this soup along with Easy Ham and Cheese Quiche are great for using up bits and . I doubled it and added 8 oz cream cheese. Creamy Potato Soup - A super easy soup that is thrown in the slow Add the cream cheese and cook 30 minutes or until cream cheese is. Over medium heat, whisk milk and cream cheese into soup, stirring constantly until cream cheese has fully melted, about 4 minutes. Season.

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